Cultural fish print of Japan The world of taniguchi koujin 'Gyotaku'
Cultural fish print of Japan The world of taniguchi koujin 'Gyotaku'
   The becoming a pupil stay account which is a fish print guide from France
   The becoming a pupil visit to Japan which is a fish print guide from France!
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 昨年、突然舞い込んだフランスからのメール… エマニュエル・ボーケ氏のカラー魚拓の弟子入りが始まりました。

Suddenly, last year has received a mail from France. It was from Mr.Emanyueru Boke. Study of a color fish print has started from there.


While judging Japanese culture by the internet according to a mail, when he who arrived at my home page will be the captive of the fish print which "prints fish directly" who doesn't see an example in the world, and would like to study the technique of the fish print at any cost, they seem to mail it.

 私のホームページは日本語で作られていますが、翻訳サイトを経由すれば英語でも表示されるようになっています。 昨今のインターネット普及には驚かされますが、お陰で国際的にも日本の魚拓が知られるようになったことは大変嬉しいものです。

My home page is made with Japanese, but when going through a translation site, even English is indicated. It's surprised by these days' internet spread, but fortunately, I'm also very happy that a Japanese fish print started to be learned about internationally.

 困ったことは彼が英語とフランス語しか話せないことで、英語の苦手な私にとって言葉の壁が弟子入りを躊躇させる大きな問題でした。 とは言うものの彼の熱意に「文化を伝えるのに言葉は不要か?」… 身振り手振りで何とかなるだろうと、ついに弟子入りを受けることとし、彼の来日を待つことになりました。

It was that he's able to speak only English and French that that would be a problem, and a wall of a word was the big problem of making them be hesitated about becoming a pupil for me who isn't good at English. For, in the enthusiasm I say, but which is he "Is the word unnecessary to tell culture?" When it would be somehow by motion gesture, it was to receive becoming a pupil and wait for his visit to Japan at last.


The processing of fish, the foundation building and the color are under me until January 31st for him who visited Japan on January 17th in 2009, I underwent training until it was applied and separated and the eye a scale, the design, a pectoral, the bottom fin, a dorsal fin and the tail and fins applied and by which they're copying to Japanese paper, capture of the stack and completion from a spray was put in.

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